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best oven cleaner in berkhamstedProfessional Oven Cleaning Company – The Best Oven Cleaner in Berkhamsted

My name is Remo Megenis and my domestic oven cleaning company is the best Oven Cleaner In Berkhamsted! I would like to introduce myself as being the owner of The Professional Oven Cleaner. My company has been servicing your area for many years now and is rated amongst the best oven cleaners in Berkhamsted. I firmly believe that delivering the very best oven cleaning service in Berkhamsted is the way we can serve our clients best and it’s my privilege to be your local oven cleaning specialist in the Berkhamsted area.

I haven’t always been an oven cleaner, in fact I only started cleaning ovens after being made redundant from my job some years ago. The money I received gave me the opportunity to set up my own business as a professional oven cleaner and Berkhamsted was one of the first areas I covered.

Since then, my company has cleaned thousands of ovens and it’s a real source of pride that many of our clients come back to us time and time again. Oven cleaning certainly seems to be a job that you hate to do but we really enjoy it!

Our clients rate us as being the top Oven Cleaner In Berkhamsted!

We Are Your Friendly Oven Cleaner in Berkhamsted


It’s very important that all our technicians receive in-depth training in how to take apart and re-assemble every kind of oven, hob and Aga they may come across. Having cleaned so many different types of appliance over the years our area of expertise is vast but most of our work involves cleaning ovens and hobs, extractor fans and AGAs. However, we can take care of any aspect of cooker cleaning you may require.

We also offer barbecue cleaning and this keeps us extra busy during the Summer months. Outdoor cooking is fun but it is important that it remains clean and safe too. Giving your barbecue a thorough professional clean is a great way to make sure of this.

Regardless of what type of oven you may have – single ovens, double ovens, wide ovens, ranger ovens, AGAs or barbecue, our technicians will work hard to bring back a sparkling shine for you!


As we constantly strive to be the best oven cleaner in the Berkhamsted area, our work and your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. In fact, our dedication is so great that we make a promise to keep on cleaning your appliance until you are completely satisfied. Our only goal is to leave your cooker as clean and shiny as we possibly can.


The time it takes to complete a clean is totally dependent on how large an appliance you have and how much grease and grime requires shifting. As a guide though, bringing back your dirty cooker to a near-showroom shine can take us anywhere between one and a half to four hours.


In these ecologically aware times, it is important that The Professional Oven Cleaner does as little harm as possible Oven Cleaning In Berkhamstedwhen cleaning your oven. Because of this we have made the decision not to use any chemical-based products in our natural oven cleaning process.  Instead, we have sourced a special oven cleaning soap that is eco- and environmentally friendly. Not only does this help protect our environment but one added benefit is that no noxious fumes will be left lingering in your kitchen, making it smell unpleasant. The fact that we won’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning your oven also protects you and your pets too.

But if we have turned our back on abrasive chemical cleaners, how can we shift baked on grease? The answer is that all our vans are equipped with heated dip tanks which are used for cleaning oven racks and trays. Despite what you may think, we’ve found that the best way to clean your oven is by using a few ‘tricks of the trade’ and a lot of good, old-fashioned elbow grease!


To make sure that every client receives the same high service, we have devised a procedure for all our technicians to follow. Here’s what you can expect when you book The Professional Oven Cleaner to clean your oven:

1: Cover the floor to keep it clean and tidy.
2: Switch the oven on to warm it up – it helps with the cleaning process.
3: Take off all removable parts and put them in the dip tank in the van to soak.
4: While these are soaking, begin cleaning the inside of the oven by scraping off all the oil and grease using water and oven cleaning soap.
5: Remove and dis-assemble the door so that we can thoroughly clean between the glass panels.
6: Return to the dip tank in the van and clean the pre-soaked oven racks and trays.
7: Re-assemble all parts of the oven, check that everything is secured and in working order. We always turn on the oven to make sure that everything is ready to use straight away.
8: Before leaving your home, we make sure everything is nice and tidy as we found it and that you are completely satisfied with our work.


In our opinion the best way to get a clean oven in Berkhamsted is to get us to do it for you!

Oven Cleaner In Berkhamsted – that’s our business.

How much simpler is it to let us take care of the dirty, back-breaking work for you, than scrubbing away trying to do it yourself? You’ll be surprised at what good value our service is and we can almost certainly do a more thorough job than you can using the domestic products you’ll find in on the supermarket’s shelves. We are equipped with specialist facilities and industry-grade products which help us to make the cleaning process faster and more straightforward and because we are cleaning ovens all day long, we know that we can produce gleaming results every time.

But as a bonus, did you know that by getting your oven cleaned a couple of times a year can actually save you money? A clean oven is an efficient oven and by preventing the build-up of hardened residue you can help extend the life of your appliance. Having a clean oven also reduces the risk of fire from greasy deposits, prevents tainted food and helps make sure that everything you cook comes out tasting great


For your peace of mind, all our oven technicians are fully trained and insured. Our aim is to deliver the highest level of service to our all our clients and to make certain that they are pleased and satisfied with our work before we leave. If you are considering having your oven cleaned and are looking for the best oven cleaning company in Berkhamsted, give us a call today on 07922 228973 or you can contact us using the form below:

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